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We’re beyond grateful for all the ways Find Your Anchor is shared with the world.




Mystery box shows up in random places to help people thinking about suicide -- Mashable

Find Your Anchor’s Blue Boxes Support People Feeling Suicidal -- The Mighty

Be An Anchor in 2019 -- Born This Way Foundation

Songs That Saved My Life Grant Winner -- Hopeless Records

The Key to Suicide Prevention is Finding Your Anchor -- IDONTMIND

Finding Anchors in Quarantine -- Channel Kindness

Find Your Anchor: The Movement Spreading Suicide Prevention in a Box -- Channel Kindness

Douglas County Suicide Prevention Coalition Launches FYA Boxes -- American Association of Suicidology

Regifting 2018 -- 88 Brand Partners

#BeKind21: Find Your Anchor -- Channel Kindness

This One Is Serious: Find Your Anchor -- Cupcake Momma

Suicide Prevention: Why Lady Gaga and Others Are Pulling For This “Anchor” -- Andrea McKenna Brankin


Honors & Awards


-  GDUSA 2018 Package Design Award Winner

-  Speaker - 2018 American Association of Suicidology Conference

-  2018 Songs That Saved My Life Grant Recipient- Hopeless Records (check out the video!)

-  Commencement Speaker - 2018 Art Institute of Chicago


If you are a member of the press and would like to request information or an interview from Find Your Anchor, please contact: 

Natalie Schaffer | natalie@bigpicturemediaonline.com

If you are not a member of the press, please send requests to findyouranchor@gmail.com.


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