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We’re here to answer any questions about who we are, what we do, and how you can get involved. Whether you're curious about our little blue boxes, seeking resources and support, or simply want to learn more about our mission, we're here to help.

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What is inside the box?

Some items in the box include: 52+ Reasons to Live deck of cards, an infographic on depression, list of resources, a letter from a stranger who cares, posters, a bracelet, a mixtape, stickers, some other sweet nothings, and a whole lot of good vibes.

At the bottom of the box is a note encouraging individuals to add their own inspiration and anchors to their box before passing it along to someone new as a way to organically grow the community.

What are Find Your Anchor’s values?

At Find Your Anchor we are fueled by our desire to save lives and bring hope to those struggling with their mental health. To help guide us in our work, we lean on three values. They are:

We approach the topic of mental health in creative, colorful, and engaging ways

No act of kindness is too small. We believe personal touches and attention to details convey an extra sense of caring.

We value the power of community and believe we’re made stronger by our common goal to stop suicide. We can go so much further when we join forces for something powerful. (Yes, that exclamation mark was intentional. We believe in it that much.)

Can we add more to the box?

Absolutely - we encourage adding your own touches to the boxes as well! Our general rule when adding to the box is "good vibes save lives." People often include quotes, jokes, drawings, lyrics, and anything else that they've found helpful. One person even added googly eyes to the deck of 52+ Reasons to Live because humor was one of their anchors!

Where should I launch my box?

FYA boxes have been launched all over the world. They’ve popped up in cafes, libraries, casinos, bridges, and on fish statue in Amsterdam. So find a place that’s near and dear to your heart, has a lot of foot traffic, or just speaks to you!

When it comes to launching our boxes, our only hard and fast rule is to keep it out of the rain. However, if you plan on launching a lot of boxes in a singular place, or having a stack of them some place (we call these "anchor drops"), we recommend connecting with the establishment. Other than that, we trust your judgment!

Feel free to get some ideas from our FYA Box Implementation Guide here, too.

How do you know these boxes help?

You told us!

Check out some of our testimonials from box recipients here to read about the impact of Find Your Anchor boxes.

How do you keep these boxes free for people struggling?

In case you didn’t know, Find Your Anchor vows to make boxes free for those who are personally struggling. Any person who is individually struggling can always request a box for themselves on our website, no questions asked, no credit card needed.

In order to keep this promise, we partner with schools, organizations, professionals, etc., who purchase their boxes. These partnerships fund the boxes we give to individuals in need. We've found that this model works well because organizations and communities receive much needed resources, while individuals who may not have the means, can also receive help. Learn more about ways to partner here.

Also! Donations!
Donations reeeeeeally help, too.

Do you offer different types of boxes?

Yes! We have three types of boxes - our general English FYA box, a veteran focused box, and a Spanish box!

Can you customize the boxes?

Yes! For orders of 100 or more, we offer the option to customize the resources in the box, so they’re even more relevant to our partner organizations. Currently, our Resources are nationally-focused (988, Crisis Text Line, etc.), but can be customized to the resources of your choice.

We also offer the option to include a branded label on the inside flap of the box for orders of 100 or more. All we would need from you to design the sticker is your logo!

What’s an “Anchor Drop?”

"Anchor Drops" are designated places (i.e. the library, counselor's office, etc.) where people always know they can find a box. Many of our partners will keep a stack of boxes in these designated areas that are replenished as needed. We also provide you with a poster to display with the boxes to give additional context on what they are and how to use them.

I received a box, but I didn’t order one. How do I find out who sent it?

If you received a Find Your Anchor box without requesting one, then it most likely means that someone ordered one for you. And if there was no name inside, the requestor wanted to remain anonymous.

So consider the box a gift from the universe!
There are people all over the world looking out for you.

If you're not in need of the box, feel free to pass it along to someone who is (or launch it somewhere special to you)!

I never received my box. Now what?

Oh, no! We’re so sorry that you haven’t received your box yet. Please email our team at findyouranchor@gmail.com and let’s track it down!

How do you partner with other organizations?

We partner with other organizations / schools / communities in a myriad of ways and are always open to creative new ideas too! Our most popular partnerships are bulk box orders, which includes the option of customizing materials in the box for your community or organization.

Additional ways to partner include:
  • Box-building DIY workshops (we supply you with everything you need to put on your own FYA workshop)
  • Box-building community events
  • Recurring box subscriptions
  • In-person workshops / speaking engagements
  • Employee wellness engagement

Ever dream of your Oprah moment where you put a FYA box under every seat at your event?

Get in touch and let’s make it happen.

Please reach out to us at findyouranchor@gmail.com for more info or next steps!

How can I use FYA boxes in my community or organization?

For more information and creative ways to get Find Your Anchor boxes into your community, check out our FYA Box Implementation Guide.

Do you offer workshops?

Yes - we offer both in-person and DIY workshops!

Both types of workshops are designed to empower and educate individuals on the meaning, importance, and utility of anchors. During the workshop, participants will learn about anchors, suicide awareness and prevention, and the vital role of the stranger who cares. There is no prior training necessary - we equip everyone with the materials needed!

Find Your Anchors boxes are creatively and thoughtfully designed to offer hope and support, and during the workshops, participants will build their own. Although each box is intentionally curated, we encourage individuals to add their own anchors and personal touches as well. At the end of the workshop, each participant will leave with a box - a tangible way to pass along hope and help those who are struggling.

For DIY FYA Box Building events, we supply you with everything you need to put on your own FYA Box Building Workshop. This includes our FYA Box Building Workshop Guidebook, complete with supporting assets and helpful videos!

Please reach out to us at findyouranchor@gmail.com to learn more!

What is the cost to put on a workshop?

Pricing varies depending on number of boxes, type of workshop, location, and travel expenses, if applicable. Learn more about our workshops, partnerships, and pricing here.


How can I help?

You can help in so many ways!

When we’re asked this question we always start with: PLEASE DONATE - but we don’t just mean your money!

Although we couldn’t do the work we do without our donors, or buoys (those who keep us afloat) 🙃️🙃️ - we also ask for people to donate their conversations! At the end of the day, we just want people to know this resource exists, so we can use all the help we can get in spreading the word.

If you’re not quite sure what to say, please reference our Social Media Toolkit for sample posts, photos, and tips on how to tell the world about FYA!

Please also consider becoming a Messenger!
Our messengers typically donate $25 for a box and then launch them in their own community or give their box directly to a person in need.

We also regularly get donors who cover bulk orders for their communities. If you’d like to sponsor boxes for your local high school, non-profit organization, or [insert your favorite spot here], please reach out to us at findyouranchor@gmail.com.

If you don’t have a specific place in mind, but still want to help, we have a list of organizations in need of funding who would love your help getting boxes!

Do you provide any volunteer opportunities?


1. For those local to Southern California, we’re always down for a box building party! All you need to do is grab some friends, and we’ll set up a time for you all to come by the office and build some boxes. If you’re interested, please reach out at findyouranchor@gmail.com.

2. For those not local, we welcome your handwritten notes of encouragement, which we can include in our boxes! We call these letters from a “stranger who cares,” and these personal touches go so far in reminding people that they’re loved, supported, and that we need them here! Here are a few examples if you want some inspiration.

Notes can be mailed to:

Find Your Anchor
2225 E 28th St
Suite 512
Signal Hill, CA 90755

3. For those more social media inclined, please consider donating your social media platforms and helping us spread the word about Find Your Anchor. If you’d like to share about FYA, please take a look at our Social Media Toolkit for everything you need!

4. We’re also open to other creative ideas - so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to get weird!
We’re here for it.


Find Your Anchor is a tangible resource designed to be carried, explored, shared, and relaunched, because in a digital age, we benefit from having something to hold onto - both literally and figuratively.


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